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If you want to become a professional motorbike racer, then you need to learn the theoretical aspects of a motorbike race. You need to learn about the parts of the motorbike, the skills you need to acquire for winning the race, and more. Here are some books on motorbike racing that we recommend you to read.

Wayne Rainey, My Story

By – Michael Scott

This is a biography of a famous motorbike racer. It’s written by the Motocourse editor, who covered Grand Prix racing for many years. You will find details of the racer’s professional life, even what he did after retirement. The book is an inspiration to many professional racers today.

Team Suzuki

By –  Ray Battersby

In this book, you will learn about the amazing history of Suzuki, one of the best motorbikes for racing. You will learn how Suzuki goes into the spotlight after many years of struggle. You will learn how it improved its mechanics so that the bike can perform better on the tracks.

The Art of the Racing Motorcycle

By – Philip Tooth

Here you will learn about some of the best racing bikes of all time. The book is full of colourful pictures. You will know about the detailed mechanics of these bikes. This book will teach you a lot of things about racing bikes.

Barry Sheene

By – Michael Scott

This book is a biography of Barry Sheene. Here you will find out many things about his career. You will learn about the winning moments and the challenges. The book is full of lovely photos and motorbikes and races.

MotoGP Technology

By – Neil Spalding

Here you will learn about the technologies used in MotoGP. You will understand how it has evolved over the years. You will find chapters on Honda and Yamaha as well in this book.

These books are very inspiring and helpful. If you are serious about motorbike races, then you should read these books and improve your knowledge about motorbike racing.