Bittersweet Assen weekend for BMW Racing Team Toth.

Pre race weekend activities – Friday:

Sadly, that was not the case again. The weekend started mildly successful for the team, after the first practice the team thought a possible good weekend in the Superpole and scoring points is in the cards.

Almost immedately after this, Rizmayer's bike suffered an ”ECU-disaster” sidelineing The Stigmayer for almost two practice sessions.

Meanwhile an other medical problem started to break out, this time for Imre Jr. arrived to Assen with tendonitis and the cold weather just made it a lot worse than expected.

After the first day of practice sessions, Rizmayer was in P21 ”only” two seconds away from the Superpole time. Imre Jr. finished the day in P24.


The team spent the whole night to fix Rizmayer's bike and they succeed. Just not in time, sadly. Rizi made it to the track in the middle of the third free practice and the smallest chance for the Superpole was long gone. Rizmayer and Toth Jr. took the last two places on the grid.

The fourth and final free practice went by both Rizmayer and Toth setting personal best times but it was only a small step forward.


The warm up was a very cold one, the temperature was around 6 celsius and the track wasn't very much hotter either. Things looked fine, and the team hoped for a double finish at least in both races.

The first race went fine until the 10th lap, when Imre had to retire due to an ECU issue. Rizmayer finished the race in a heroic fight with his still injured hand, making progress all race long, running his personal best laptimes. Rizmayer finished in P18, with a lap down.

A few minutes before the start of the second race, the team finsihed to change the ECU in Imre's bike, who made his way to the grid. The effort lasted 15 laps, when a (surpirse) ECU error forced him to stop and retire in the pits. Gabor had a very successful and fun second race, even finishing the same, 18th position, he had a blast setting fastest personal laps and collecting data from the bike.

After the races Imre said:

I'm very disappointed to say anything positive from the weekend. We worked so hard to fix the bike and set it up with a decent setup. Seriously, I lost count on how many times we changed the ECU in the bike. I hope we can figure something out for Imola with the BMW factory.

Gabor's statement:

The whole weekend was 50-50 for me. I mean we had the chance to compete in the Superpole for the first time this year, but the bike said no... We rebuilt everything from scratch and showed some speed during the two races. My injured wrist held me back a bit, but I hope everything is gonna be all right for Imola. The whole package worked almost the way we expected, but we lost too much time on Friday-Saturday. I'm quite optimistic about the future. ”